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What We Can Offer

-Timely Delivery

Fundamental Research In Quality Production

We are continuously researching the manufacturing techniques for improving production quality. We installed precious machinery for maintaining production quality.

Dedicated Team

We are proud to having Researchers from best Universities of India for R&D and Production. In our team we are having Research scholars and Doctors for developing and maintaining quality of products.

Updated Standard Infrastructure

Our company has an ultramodern and best class infrastructural unit which is outfitted with the essential machinery from well known global suppliers. for achieving global standard for export.

Customized Packaging

We are habitat to provide customized packing solution to our Indian and overseas clients. We understands your needs perfectly.

Our Products

Magnesium Chloride Flakes & Lumps


  • Magnesium Flakes
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  • Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate

We are manufacturing Magnesium Chloride in verities of hydrated forms in mainly two physical state Flakes and lumps as per customized requirement of our clients.

Magnesium chloride is commercially the most important Magnesium compound. It is available in Hexahydrate which is deliquescent and will form saturated solutions on standing in a moist atmosphere. The Hexahydrate is the only stable hydrate in the normal range of temperature of -3.5°C to +116.7°C.

Extensively used for the treatment of Hypomagnesaemia (Grass Tetany or Grass Staggers). Recent research has proved that this condition mainly in cattle and sheep follows after winter when a herd is turned on to lush spring grass. Hypomagnesaemia is more noticeable in cattle grazing on pastures which have recently received a dressing of nitrogenous or potash fertilizer. By spraying a solution of Magnesium Chloride on grass or even directly on the animal or mixedinto the cattle feed, this condition is prevented and is proved to be extremely beneficial to livestock. Further, Magnesium Chloride is environment friendly and will not damage either grasslands or the cattle.

Magnesium Chloride Used For :

It is used in industrial floorings, ship decks, railway passenger coach floorings, hospital floors and for aircraft hangar floors, ammunition factory floors, missile silos and underground armament factories and bunkers. The famous Siegfried Line ofWW-II on the border of Germany and France had its entire floor rendering of this cement.
  • wetting agent
  • water treatment
  • textile chemicals
  • soybean industry (food)
  • soil stabilization
  • specialty floorings
  • stone polishing bricks
  • rice polishing stones
  • pharmaceutical and medical
  • paper industry humectant
  • polishing bricks
  • polishing abrasives
  • construction materials
  • bonded emery stone
  • oxychloride floorings
  • mineral supplement
  • mining chemicals
  • magnesium stearate
  • magnesium metals
  • magnesium carbonate
  • marble polishing abrasives
  • magnesium oxychloride floorings
  • leather industry chemicals
  • laboratory chemicals
  • ice melter
  • industrial floors
  • grass tetany
  • grass staggers
  • hypomagnesaemia
  • granite polishing abrasives
  • grinding wheels
  • flour mill stones
  • flame retardant floorings
  • flame retardant in polymers
  • effluent treatment chemicals
  • emery mill stone
  • emery stones
  • cleaning,detergents
  • dust suppression
  • dust prevention,dust control
  • de-icing compounds
  • danish stone